God and I get married and move out the the suburbs ( the Biker God collection)

Two years ago I landed in Peru. Not much money, no plan, knew no one but the family of an acquaintance of mine ( who later became my brother).

I was recovering from a series of completely unexpected losses and disappointments. Not just  ‘ i didn’t get the promotion’ but more like’ i didn’t get the promotion and got run out of town on a rail’. The worst of it was i couldn’t quite figure out if i deserved it or not. i wasn’t as confident as i had been in the midst of the conflict whether i was right or not. Or if it mattered. i lost people i didn’t even know i was in danger of losing. People i thought of as ‘unlose-able’.

I learned there was no such thing as an unlose-able person. Unless you count God as a person.

And i wasn’t sure i had been counting god as anything.

Out of this place came these poems.

they need to be gathered in some order and published soon, but i am not all that comfortable with them submitting to any order at the moment, arriving as they did out of my chaos.

so in no real apparent order, and in a random heartfelt desire to share just in case there is someone out there who knows what i know and doesn’t know what we don’t know…

here they are.

Mercy and Justice, people



1 Response to “God and I get married and move out the the suburbs ( the Biker God collection)”

  1. May 26, 2011 at 10:01 pm

    What i forgot to mention.. this is what came out of that desert time.

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